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INFMETRY star projector.

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❝ London goes beyond any boundary or convention. It contains every wish or word ever spoken, every action or gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. It is illimitable. It is Infinite London. ❞
- Peter Ackroyd, London, The Biography
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Rose Leslie as Milner in Utopia 2x01.

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Andy Warhol - In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes

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How Deep is the Ocean? a Bioshock fanmix
(updated from the original with extra tracks and new cover art)

a mix for an undersea utopia turned graveyard, a shining monument with a dark and twisted underbelly. for a people so desperate to be beautiful that they destroyed themselves, for an art deco metropolis being slowly reclaimed by the sea. for exploring empty houses and darkened theaters. songs you hear echoing through blood-spattered halls, songs that keep playing with no one left to hear them.


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Vex Me by Barbara Hambly

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"Oh I love…I love that kind of stuff. I mean, you’ve known me for awhile, anything…you stick me on a rig or fly me around or something, I do get really happy. I’m a big kid at heart."

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"I’m not going to say I haven’t done stupid things. I have. I’ve done stupid things, really stupid. But I was trying to help people. And I, you know, it just got… Kind of like when your car goes into a skid and they tell you, you know, ‘turn into the skid’, and then, you find yourself coasting - trying to hang on and hoping that somehow you’ll straighten out before you… get to the edge." 

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lucifer speaks in his own voice

sure as i am
of the seraphim
folding wing
so am i certain of a
graceful bed
and a soft caress
along my long belly
at endtime it was
to be
i who was called son
if only of the morning
saw that some must walk or all will crawl
so slithered into earth
and seized the serpent in
the animals i became
the lord of snake for
adam and for eve
i the only lucifer
created out of fire
illuminate i could
and so
illuminate i did

— Lucille Clifton

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with AND without veil~~~~

pretty happy with this!

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"Everything can be read, every surface and silence, every breath and every vacancy, every eddy and current, every body and its absence, every darkness every light, each cloud and knife, each finger and tree, every backwater, every crevice and hollow, each nostril, tendril and crescent, every whisper, every whimper, each laugh and every blue feather, each stone, each nipple, every thread every color, each woman and her lover, every man and his mother, every river, each of the twelve blue oceans and the moon, every forlorn link, every hope and every ending, each coincidence, the distant call of a loon, light through the high branches of blue pines, the sigh of rain, every estuary, each gesture at parting, every kiss, each wasp’s wing, every foghorn and railway whistle, every shadow, every gasp, each glowing silver screen, every web, the smear of starlight, a fingertip, rose whorl, armpit, pearl, every delight and misgiving, every unadorned wish, every daughter, every death, each woven thing, each machine, every ever after."

— Michael Joyce, Twelve Blue

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