Hannibal: Season 2 spoilers

[Last updated: 10 Feb. 2014 - 2.11 title & new promo stills

Updated regularly as new information is released. If you see something I’ve missed, let me knowMassive spoilers, so under a cut.

Season 2:

Filming of S2 began 10 September in Toronto. US broadcast begins 28th February 2014 on NBC.



Returning Characters

Hannibal Lecter (x), Will Graham, Alana Bloom (x), Freddie Lounds (x), Jack Crawford, Bella Crawford (x), Abel Gideon (x,x), Frederick Chilton (x), Bedelia du Maurier (x), Winston (x), the wendigo (x), Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price & Brian Zeller (x), Abigail Hobbs (x)

Images (misc): Promotional poster (Will)Hannibal’s meat pantry, Hannibal & Bedelia in therapy, Will’s book, Hannibal & Dr. Chilton, Hannibal, Freddie, Hannibal’s swimming trunks (!), Hannibal’s wine cellar (and a severed arm), Will in a cage, Kade Purnell.


2.01, “Kaiseki" (x), dir. Tim Hunter (x) | 28/02/2014

2.02, Sakizuke (x), dir. Tim Hunter (x)


2.04, Takiawase (x)

2.05, Mukōzuke (x), dir. Michael Rymer (x)

2.06, Futamono (x), dir. Michael Rymer (x)

2.07, Yakimono (x)

2.08, Su-zakana (x), dir. Vincenzo Natali (x)

2.09, Shiizakana (x), dir. Michael Rymer (x)


2.11, Ko No Mo (x)




[Mason and Margot Verger are characters from the book Hannibal. Mason Verger is very wealthy and seriously sadistic (a paedophile who molested his sister when she was a kid). In the book Hannibal, knowing what he is, manipulates Mason into mutilating himself. Mason wants to have revenge by feeding Hannibal to wild boars (as you do), and uses Clarice Starling as bait to catch Hannibal. Fuller has said that he wants to do Mason’s origin story in S2 (x).]

Season 3: 

We know something about Season 3 because it approaches the point at which Bryan Fuller’s TV-fanfiction (Hannibal is fanfiction, and it’s glorious) meets the canon of the Thomas Harris books. It’s an important season for Will, because he’ll meet his future wife, Molly.

Fuller: Well, we were looking at our timeline and saying, “Season 4 is Red Dragon”, so where Will is psychologically in terms of his confidence and approach to solving these crimes? We would see Molly in Season 3, and that’s when we would introduce that character. Also, how Will Graham got to be in a relationship based on his idiosyncrasies, that would be part of the story that we’re telling with him, as going from a man who is on the outside looking in at the human condition — because he is so vulnerable and sensitive to other people that he has to protect himself from that.” (x)

Elsewhere, Fuller has said that Season 3 will have a “fugitive” feel—suggesting that Hannibal is on the run. Ultimately, he wants to put Clarice Starling and Will Graham together to catch Hannibal (x), but that’s dependent on MGM letting him have rights to Clarice (currently looking doubtful).

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